Striking sights of "Melange 2020" lighted by us as Creative Partner

The Team who made a short film in 48 hours for 48 Hour Film Project

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Successful projects

Since its establishment in 2011, Mediapur has been focusing on project management & implementation through cooperation.

Unique ideas

In total, Mediapur has created more than 1000 projects related to constructional designing and landscaping worldwide.

B2B/B2C Summit

We venture B2B Summits to deliver the premium and high-end events comprising the various thematic areas of the corporates.Besides, incorporating the patrons of various groups to acquaintance with the emerging trends in B2C summits.

B2B/B2C Exhibition

Embedding the versatile shoppers and merchants , we upheld B2B exhibitions to publicize the cutting-edge technology along with comprising the wide range of marketers and vendors in B2C Exhibitions to evince the trends to the vendee.

Awards & Magazine

We undertake Awards to honour the visionaries around emphasizing their work, efforts and achievements. Our Magazines comprehends the prospective trends and updates and enlightenment on diversified industries to knowledge the people.

Video Production

We at Video Production join efforts to produce web series, short films and commercial ads to mesmerize the audience. We are a ground-breaker of unique stories that reach to the heart of the audience.

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.



Mediapur Foundation
At the heart of our mission is the belief that we rise or fall together. We all have a stake in the betterment of our community and its members. Our goal is to bring people together - NGOs, companies, individuals and government agencies - to work towards improving community conditions.