10 Simple Steps to Diagnose and Repair a Rankings Drop

10 Simple Steps to Diagnose and Repair a Rankings Drop

Sometimes you often come across that there is drop in your website ranking.

Have you experienced this?

Many reasons results this scenario and Rank dropping without any reason cost a pretty penny. You can always see swing in ranking.

Don’t get panic and waste your time on how this happened instead find a way out of it.

Have a look over below list to diagnose why there is drop in ranking and get a solution for it.

Step #1: Confirm working condition of your site

Seems kooky?

But yes always crawl around your website and check whether “ALL IS WELL😛”

One person panicked when his ranking dropped but actually there was a 5-day DDoS attack due to which his site was unable to load.

Prior of taking any step, check for this:

  • Hosting expiration
  • Domain expiration
  • Mess up of Webhost due to which site is not loading (most common issue)

Step #2: Be sure that actually there is drop in traffic

We have many tools but they don’t always provide with 100% result. So always cross check for the loss in traffic.

Use Google Analytics or another analytics tools to verify the organic traffic drop.

There are always ups and down in traffic but if there is huge drop that is not overcoming and you need to check for what’s wrong?

Step #3: For Errors or Warnings analyze Google Search Console

While Google Crawling, it will automatically notify you with the crawl errors. Also it will notify manual actions taken by human reviewers if they point out pages of your site.

The data and information provide is direct, So always cross check for errors and whenever you come across such errors attend them.

Step #4: Have second look on the changes you made recently

It may happening that you are in a thought of you didn’t changed anything but many times some changes takes place at backend that could affect the site.

Whenever you undertake below changed ring an alarm for review:

  • New plugins
  • Updates on existing plugins
  • New site theme
  • New pages added
  • Major URL structure changes (Moving your blog?)

Check for de-indexing box is not checked at your WordPress backend, it might happen without knowing you. You or someone may have worked on site and added a noindex tag. Such code will likely disallow search engines from crawling the page on which it is.

search engine visibility wordpress

Therefore, the page you want to rank should not contain such things.

Step #5: Analysis on Recent Google Updates

In SEO, things fluctuate and take its place again without taking any action. Each year Google come up with multiple changes. By having a look on what date ranking dropped, you can check out for Google updates.

There is a chance that this may be the reason for drop in ranking.

Step #6: Have a look on exactly what and when has dropped

After ruling the above steps you can do some deeper diagnosis of dropping.Check whether is was:

  • Only a one key page that has been dropped.
  • Multiple pages that has been dropped.
  • The Whole site that has been affected
  • Particular keyword you are targeting has been started dropping and when it is happening.

Getting known to above things can help you to reduce impact on ranking.

Step #7: Check whether you are outranked

Often your site didn’t drop, it just that it must have outperformed compared to another site. To see whether this is the case, check:

  • Number of backlinks does the competition have? Beat them.
  • Number of content does the competition have? More content usually results into better rankings.
  • Number of  pages does the competition have? As with more content, a competitor with more high-quality pages than you might get better rankings.
  • By plugging your URL and your competitors’ URL’s into Ahrefs Domain Comparison you will comw to know this

By plugging your URL and your competitors’ URL’s into Ahrefs Domain Comparison you can obtain this information.

Once above possibilities are checked, you can able to know that something is happening with your backlink profile and On page optimization that you need to attend and fix.

Step #8: Check Your Backlink Profile

Links that are backlinked can have impact on your website. Here are the things to look for:

  • Have a look on Lost Backlinks
  • Have a look on Spammy or Unnatural Backlinks
  • Have a look on IP (Location) of Backlinks
  • Have a look on Referring Domains Ratio
  • Have a look on Your Anchor Text Ratio

Step #9: Get a view on Onpage Factors

Your ranking may get affected by the content present on your website. Check for these on-page factors to avoid getting penalized.

  • Have a look on Thin Content on Your Site
  • Have a look on Keyword Usage on Your Site

Step #10: Review your SEO Activities

There may be a chance that your ranking is not dropping, may be it is not increasing i.e. it is constant. In such situation you need to play SEO game. SEO may be not the reason of

  • Here are some things that could contribute to stagnant or dropping rankings:
  • Not performing SEO work every month (such as once every 3 months). To achieve great result, SEO should be done consistently.
  • You need to add both content as well as links to your website consistently.
  • The competition level of the keywords you want to rank for might outweigh the work being done. Have a look on the SEO you’re putting in matches the difficulty level of those keywords.

You can check the Keyword Difficulty (KD) of keywords in Ahrefs. It runs on a scale of 0-100:

  • Low Competition = KD 0 – 30
  • Medium = KD 30 – 70
  • High = KD 70+

Note: Time is a factor in SEO. It can take 3 months of consistent work (or more) to see rankings start to increase. But once you put that work in and rankings start going up, they’re easier to maintain.

Hence, The SEO needs to be consistent and proportional to the competition of the keywords you’re targeting. Make sure you are aware of the difficulty level to avoid having mismatched expectations.


  • You are now known to the factors to run through while ranking is constant and is dropping.
  • Remember not to panic. You can get your grown of site back.
  • You need to think analytical for diagnosing to see what is going on and steps to be taken.




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