5.4 Billion fake accounts on Facebook has been closed down in the present year

5.4 Billion fake accounts on Facebook has been closed down in the present year

Though millions of fake accounts still remain to be there, this Wednesday, the tech-giant Facebook, has confirmed of shutting down about 5.4 billion fake accounts in the present year. Which is correlated to removal of on an around 3.3  billion fake accounts in the last year.

Undeterred by the modifications and advancements brought in technology by Facebook to catch fake accounts at the time of creation itself, the giant believes that 2.5 billion fake accounts remains to be at any point of time, which is 5% of it’s users.

This revelation underlines the amount of pressure for Facebook as the United States prepares for the election season, alongwith the US census 2020. Experts and supervisors are awaiting for any trace of fake content on social media following disclosure regarding meddling in 2016 elections.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, bordered the huge number of fraudulent accounts which have been ceased from operating, highlighting the gravity with which the issue has been dealt with and also asked other social media platforms to follow similar revelations.

On Wednesday he said that, just because the count is high for them doesn’t necessarily direct that there lies really much damaging content. Rather it signifies that they have been putting more effort in order to determine the bogus contents.

Previously this year, Facebook started approving its algorithms for hate speech to initiate automatic removal of the content that it speculates to have been violating its policies, said the reports. A consequence of this decision has been the numerous hate speech being removed of Facebook during and post implementation of the same.


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