Artificial intelligence (AI) – The Game Changer of the Event Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) – The Game Changer of the Event Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans. An Event Planner can make use of AI for magnifying attendance, increasing revenue and engaging audiences in the event. Therefore, the science of AI is focusing on devices that can perceive the surrounding environment and take an appropriate action ultimately maximizing its success and becoming the Game Changer for Event Industry.

In Three important ways AI enhanced systems are impacting on Event Industry:

  • Improving customer engagement:

The event is worthy and successful if People are able to get engaged in it. The hype over AR-based activities and virtual reality prove it. Building a good system of interaction at events is quite tough because it responds to the key need that all event attendees share. AI-based systems can be used for customer service standards and use them for answering the basic questions of attendees or giving directions. Apart from that, with the use of voice assistants, the visitors can receive suggestions concerning the ongoing sessions and activities or translation services.

  • Personalizing the event experience:

AI can elevate the attendee experience by finding an individual approach to everyone. Seems beyond belief, especially when we’re talking about large events with over 10,000 visitors, but AI-enhanced machines are really doing a great job with intelligent matchmaking. By interpreting data from social media profiles of registrants, AI can make individualized recommendations on specific networking activities, sessions or entertainment formats that will perfectly match all personal expectations. Adding to above, AI benefits the Exhibitor’s side, letting them know what the visitor wants to taste before the event.

  • Driving event attendance:

AI can be your genuine assistant on the stage of event planning on which you rely a successful event. Particularly, AI is capable of defining target personas, based on the previous experiences and the objectives of an event resulting in brushing up your event marketing strategy and addressing only the right audiences.

Hence, AI is impacting the attendee experience now and will definitely make great strides in the event industry in the future.


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