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    1. The term ‘Organizers’ shall mean “Mediapur Production & Events LLP”, having its registered office in Mumbai.
    The term ‘Exhibitor’ shall include all employees, staff and agents of any company, partnership firm or the individual to whom the space has been allocated for the purpose of participation.2.

    2. DEFINITION: These terms and conditions form an integral part of the agreement between the Organizers and the Exhibitor
    Once an application for participation has been made and the participation is confirmed, content will have the implied status of a business contract governed under these present terms and conditions. This contract limits the liability of the Organizers and their authorized agents only to terms as outlined against the charges specified on the space contract.
    Memoranda and instructions to Exhibitors issued by the Organizers are supplementary and do not replace these terms and conditions, nor the terms agreed on the contract form.3.

    3. CONTRACT AND PAYMENT TERMS: All payments are to be made by means of payee Account RTGS/NEFT/Cheque drawn in favor of “Mediapur Production & Events LLP”, payable at Mumbai. 100% of the payment needs to be made at the time of Booking.
    The space contract is fully, deemed as conclusive evidence of the applicant’s agreement to pay the dues and charges and once participation has been confirmed, the parties hereto (Organizer and the Exhibitor) shall be bound by these presents under the contractual agreement.
    Payments are due on the dates and schedules as mentioned on this form, non-compliance will result in the cancellation of any reserved stall space.
    Exhibitors cannot claim any right to any services and facilities without having duly paid the amounts due to the Organizers.
    No Exhibitors will be allowed to occupy their stalls until full payment has been received by the Organizers. These terms cannot be altered under any circumstances.
    The Organizers reserve the right to cancel the booking and forfeit the payments made by the Exhibitors and reallocate the stalls.

    4. ALLOCATION OF STALL:  Allocation will be on first come first serve basis, on receipt of completed exhibit space booking form with requisite ayment. Subleasing of any part of the stall is strictly prohibited and  Stalls are not transferable and cannot be shared. One fascia will be displayed per stall booking form. The display of goods shall be in accordance with that mentioned in the booking form. Any other products sold/displayed will be confiscated and the organizers reserve the right to close the entire stall and claim monetary compensation in the case of defaulters.

    5. MODIFICATIONS: Any changes in the stall structure, provision of facilities etc. are to be undertaken by the approved contractors only. The request for the same should be in writing in the appropriate form to the Organizerson or before one month in advance of the scheduled dates of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor shall have no right whatsoever to use/block any area of the Exhibition other than the area allocated to  No banner etc. will be allowed in the Exhibition premises or on the roads in the vicinity unless their design specifications, installation and location have been approved by the Organizers, without which a penalty will be levied.
    Exhibit shall not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibit nor be operated in any manner objectionable to other exhibitors. All lighting within the exhibit must be arranged and operated so as not to be distracting to adjacent exhibits. Phonograph radios or other sound devices operated in a manner objectionable to the Exhibition committee shall be prohibited.
    Exhibitor shall not permit raffles or other promotional measures that require members or guests to be present at a specified location and time.

    6. EXTRA FURNITURE/FITTINGS: Any additional facilities (furniture/fixtures) required in the stall will be provided at extra cost. Exhibitor’s requirement of extra furniture/fixtures should be ordered in a requisitionform “Furniture and Electrical Requisition Form” available in the information manual and the same is required to be submitted at least 10 days before the

    7. STALL INTERIORS: All stall interiors and decoration should be completed one day prior to the inauguration of the event. While the exhibitorsare free to decorate their stall, they should not cause any damage to the walls, panels and floors through use of nails, painting or any other such

    8. PROMOTION AND OTHER REGULATIONS DURING THE EXHIBITION: Exhibitors are reminded not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the hall other than within their own stall. Likewise, Exhibitor’s representatives may not distribute brochures, invitations etc. alongthe gangways or near the  This is not fair to other Exhibitors and an inconvenience to visitors.
    No person under any circumstance shall cut into or through any floor covering or wall nor alter any stall structure except when authorized in writing by the Organizers. Exhibitor shall not permit raffles or other promotional measures that require members or guests to be present at a specified location and time. No Eatables or Beverages are allowed inside the Exhibition Hall.

    9.CANCELLATION TERMS: If any Exhibitor cancels his booking 30 days prior to the event, the Organizers shall forfeit 50% of the total stall charges. In case the cancellation is made 15 days prior to the event, Exhibitors will have to pay 100% of the total stall

    10. SECURITY: The Organizers will make general security arrangements Other in-exhibit/stall security arrangements are participants’ responsibility.However, participants should take all possible precautions and will be responsible for the security of their goods and stall displays. Individual security arrangements should be made only through an approved agency and the guard on duty must be introduced to the Organizers.
    No claims on theft/loss will entertained by the Organizers. The Exhibition will be closed and opened in front of stall holders; hence all the stalls and belongings are the responsibility of the Exhibitor only.