Evolving Trends in Event Planning Industry

Evolving Trends in Event Planning Industry

An Event planner’s role matters a lot today, since our lives are filled with meetings, day to day parties, conferences, social events and many more in the line. With growing socialism in our lives and to maintain a point to point contact with everyone around us it has become quite mandatory to attend these events and less of a choice. Consequently, here comes the task to make these events and gatherings even more happening and friendly and this is where the Event planner’s role drives in.

Sheryl Connelly, who is a futurist, gave quite a good look through about the upcoming trends in the event industry. She is an expert when it comes to foresee future consumer trends around the globe. To understand it better and to make you ponder like a futurist, she helped us gathering this year’s most profound and grand cultural trends.

  1. Add value to every resource you have

Look closer to everything and see how you can add much value to it. No one is ever out of resources to do creative stuff, you just need to figure them out. You should know how you could they help you build a better connection between your event and those going to attend it.

How could it be interpreted for your event?

Get your smartphones out of your pockets and let them do the rest, all you need to do is put your ideas into them!

List out a schedule which, print it on the back of tags with names of the attendees. Don’t forget to mention the date of next year’s event falling into a similar line, quote above it something catchy like “Save the Date” or so. It won’t only make your event look trendy and modern yet also make the attendees feel recognized and welcomed. What about investing on a few takeaways? Takeaways not only makes you feel appreciated but also manages to leave an impact of the event attended and acts like a reminder of the event which you plan to attend the coming year.

  1. Give everyone a chance, embrace diversification.

Genuinely, you’ll be criticised if you can’t accept diversification in today’s uplifting world. Each one out there loves to listen to blooming ideas which are different from theirs. So, give each one a chance to reflect their mindset and views.

How could it be interpreted for your event?

In between the event, provide your attendees with some brainstorming topic on which they can discuss, it could be from anywhere. All you need to do is bring the topics which should avoid controversy and only reflect creative thinking.

You also need to discover the speakers who could really question the majority attendees and infalme their thought process. By this your event would always keep the minds of your attendees occupied directing them towards shaping newer ideas.

  1. Be thoughtful enough to give attendees their much needed break!

You should always be sure that your attendees should constantly be enjoying the event and not trace out boredom at any point of it. For this you need to give their brain regular breaks after an exhausting session of work or a lecture.

How could it be interpreted for your event?

It’s time to kick in a good amount of creativity and mindfulness. Eliminate Back-to-Back sessions whenever you plan for any event. Put some creative activities in between each session as a reckless string of work driven sessions are quite demanding for the meeting attendees. Take care that you also don’t compromise from the throughput of your event in order to make it cheer some. Give them time to regroup and discuss after each session.

  1. Customization always helps!

Here we will be talking about making each guest/attendee feel special to the event. I personally don’t suppose that would be a difficult task. All you need to do is customize every aspect of your event as much as you can, from customized invitations, to emails, to advertisements, bth technologically and manually. Bring out the essence of your event for each one of them in a special way if at all possible.

How could it be interpreted for your event?

You can always ask your attendees, what do they like and how they want it. That would always give you an upper hand as an event planner, as it always turns out to be beneficial if you aim to keep things customized.

Why not take a little help of technology when it’s already out there to make our lives better? So look out for the ways like creating a social group or an app which would add to some amount of personalization in the planning and making them feel more as a special part of the event.

Also, you can send digital invitations which maps out the location of the venue, send gentle reminders and updates regarding the event.

  1. Bring out the theme of ‘Sustainable Event Planning’ 

Loving mother earth is never a trend rather it’s an obvious thing, which we all ought to take care to live a better tomorrow. Be a host or an attendee keep your motto to “Go Green” in every event. As an event planner it’s your responsibility to look for ways to inhibit sustainability whilst you plan for an event.

How could it be interpreted for your event?

To inculcate care for the environment as an event planner in your attendees, it’s you who should begin beginning it. Simple ways to begin with it are adapting the ideology of 3R’s, which says Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Yes, you have been taught this as a child back in your school, but it’s never too old to practice these.

As an event planner you should make sure that the products which you use to build an event should be maximally reusable or at least recyclable. If you begin choosing such items then even those who would attend the event would take a good care of not bringing the pollutants or disposing it in an unhealthy way. Such a move would also be widely appreciated and would also create awareness. You can use recyclable or reusable carry bags, decoration items, food boxes, plates, cups and cutlery. Also, later on after the event you can be thoughtful enough to donate a few items like the leftover food and drinks, unused products to those who really need them.


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