How to Verify WhatsApp Business Account

How to Verify WhatsApp Business Account

You must have noticed while chatting on the whatsapp business account, you will have either of the 3 status types : Unconfirmed, Confirmed or Verified.

If you have either the Unconfirmed or the Confirmed status, we are going to help you turn your account into a verified one.


Things you should know

Whatsapp launched a new app called whatsapp business. The app is pretty much the same as the standard version but is launched mainly to connect with businesses and customers.


Creating a business Account

In order to create an account on Whatsapp business app, you need to create a business profile and then accept the terms and conditions i.e. the privacy policy in order to use the app. All the accounts have to follow the privacy policy otherwise the account can be blocked.

The name of the company which you enter cannot be changed and hence has to respect Whatsapp’s policy. In addition to this, every company has to enter their website and email address in order to give maximum information to other users about the company.

Other than this, there is also an option to put up a profile picture which can be changed.


Things you need to know before setting up an account on Whatsapp business

  • There’s no connection between your personal and business whatsapp account.
  • If you use your personal number on Whatsapp business then your personal account will convert to the business and all your contacts will get imported to your business profile.
  • In order for customers to connect with their brands via whatsapp , one need to add a Whatsapp chat button or phone number to the website.

How whatsapp business works

Step 1- Download ‘Whatsapp business’ app from Google Play Store.

Step 2- Accept terms and conditions.

Step 3- Register you number on Whatsapp business that is not linked to any other whatsapp account and then enter business information.

Step 4- Start connecting with businesses and users .

Step 5- Monitor activities.


Selecting Business Accounts

Whatsapp is now giving verification to business accounts by adding a green bagde or a green check if a contact informations is checked out and belongs to a business account.

The green badge make businesses appear as the trustworthy and to encourage more businesses and people to get on the platform.

Colour Codes to check whether business account is verified or not.

Grey question mark badge : The account is using a business app but hasn’t been confirmed or verified on whatsapp.

Grey checkmark badge : The phone number of this account matches the phone number of the business, hence the account is confirmed.

Green checkmark : Whatsapp verifies that this is an authentic account owned by a brand.


Steps to get a green check mark on whatsapp

  • Make sure you have contacts that are associated with your business
  • Ask your friend to save your number in his/her business column in contacts.
  • Download the latest version on your phone.
  • Open your whatsapp account and complete your profile.


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