India to enter into a new era of 5G

India to enter into a new era of 5G

India is set to ride on the 5G network by 2020. In India, network operators are prompted to upgrade their technology due to the huge demand for data traffic as a resultant of increase in the number of smart phone subscribers. Like other nation India is upgrading its network following the world of opportunities in every sector.
The opportunities and challenges that India will enjoy and venture:

Benefit to Business and Economy
5G will not only contribute to improving the internet speed and QoS in the country, but will also lead to digital transformation of services such as healthcare, education, entertainment, agriculture and manufacturing. Along with greater capacity of collecting data, 5G will also make things cheaper benefiting consumers ultimately affecting Indian Economy. By providing IoTs build up it will prove a boon to industries. Enabling connectivity at many places by 5G will prove a great opportunity for Economy.

Security and malicious actions
Riding on 5G carries a lot of risk along with its benefits. India has to deal with it efficiently like any other nation. While switching to 5G, Government and Other companies should look after security and malicious actions so that the advantage of collecting data don’t effect confidential matters. It will ease the connection between more powerful devices. So need to focus on how secure 5G will work and make sure that it will provide service to everyone and malicious activities don’t harm data.

Hence, by overcoming all challenges and cherishing all benefits, India will take a tour of 5G successfully.


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