Startups Begin Guiding Women Employees for Leadership Roles

Startups Begin Guiding Women Employees for Leadership Roles

It’s the time when startups began acknowledging the ongoing reality of gender biasing and are looking forward to prioritising gender-related diversity around the globe. Companies like, BigBasket, Byju’s, Jombay, Uber, Healthians, etc are amongst the leading organizations who are willingly stepping into this and trying to cultivate upcoming women leaders capable to do innovation and bringing growth along with.

Whilst, Riddhi Nagpal at CastKaro, director of customer relations, had lunch with Swati Bhargava, the co-founder, she inquired her about the obstacles she might be facing and how could she be able to be more apprehensive regarding them. Riddhi Nahpal stands out to be one amongst the seven female staffs under Bhargava’s mentorship.

The motto remains to be, to provide individualistic attention to those women who uphold the capability of turning into future women leaders.

One profound way of giving this thought a real implementation is exactly how few startups are going out of their way in giving more priority to gender diversity and thus, gender upliftment. To drive productivity and gain, companies like BigBasket, Byju’s, Jombay, Uber, Healthians, are majoring in identifying capable women leaders and nurturing them further.

It can’t be denied that this is a novel idea and these organizations are looking through it in implementing it. The implementation is being done by conducting workshops focussing on scenarios relating to gender biases, making women also part of various board meetings and generating awareness as well as providing them with opportunities.

PwC India, partner and innovation leader, Murali Talasila, believes that there’s plenty of things to be done when it is about to inculcate major skills of entrepreneurship into women. She says that ‘Talent is never inadequate it’s just that our efforts need to be in the right direction’. The fact that Indian families deny their women to work for long hours, often cease them from giving their hundred per cent at the workplace.

Analysing every women staff’s special bunch of circumstances and then sewing the idea into it worked good enough for CashKaro, rather than following the already made initiatives. They confirm that until now they successfully promoted 11 women employees to higher leadership positions so far.

Similarly, BigBasket Bengaluru has uplifted 6-7 women staff to top functional roles who are guided by the best leadership, confirms Vice president- HR, Miss Tanuja Tiwari.

Out of nine, four leadership roles at the Healthians, are driven by women. They have brought up the “entrepreneur-in-residence” drive for blooming workers to involve them into new projects, where women report to be out of half of the employees taken, said founder, Deepak Sahni.



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