Universal Internet Abstains From Freedom Again:

Universal Internet Abstains From Freedom Again:
 After surveying above 60 countries globally, it’s found out that discretionary manipulation digital and social media are amongst the prime reasons for the lapse in Internet Freedom.

According to recently examined reports, forbidding incumbency and digital tyranny are the causes threatening the underlying internet freedom. For the ninth consecutive year, online leisure and digital internet freedom have seen a downfall, says Freedom of the Net, the report brought in by Freedom House.

The survey proved that out of 65 countries which were examined only 16 of them proclaimed a substantial increase in internet freedom whilst 33 of them showed a total fall since June 2018.

Authors of the Freedom of the Net 2019 believe that what was once an emancipating technology has now become just a channel for scrutiny and electoral manipulation.

The report by Freedom house named social media, especially, as a major reason in the downfall of internet liberation leading its way to unfavorably affect concerned societies

This report was prepared by 70 analysts, formulating a 21-question research scheme examining liberties laid in the expression of views, availability and access to the internet and confidentiality issues. The countries found out to be the best in terms of internet freedom are Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Estonia, Canada, Iceland, Australia, Armenia and the United States of America. Those deduced to be the worse are Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

Highlights from the Freedom House Report:
  • Unsurprisingly, China has again managed to be the worst of all when it comes to internet abuse. According to the findings of the Freedom House what reached heights there is censorship as the government reinforced it’s information surveillance mechanism, beforehand the 30th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square and also laying concerns regarding the extensive anti-government rallies in Hong Kong.
  • The country that showed up the most commendable improvement in Ethiopia all credit goes in the hands of the prudent Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed that understood the deliverance of internet freedom and alleviated the boundaries of the same.
  • Though the online freedom faced a decline consecutively for three years in the USA, yet, the report applauds the nation to stand up to be away from the state censorship issues.
  • Heavy declines have been faced by countries like Sudan, Kazakhstan chased by Brazil, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.
  • Iceland holds the position of being the best country for internet freedom due to conditions like unrestricted writing, far-reached connectivity and strengthened regulations for user’s rights.

Freedom House is an NGO hailing from Washington that campaigns for issues concerning human rights. It began publishing Freedom of the Net report in the year 2009 and then surveyed 15 countries. In the year 2014 they extended their examination up to 65 countries and as a matter of fact, present year’s publish covers 87% of the worldwide internet users.


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