Via In-App Shopping Links TikTok gets into eCommerce

Via In-App Shopping Links TikTok gets into eCommerce

Reports from The Wall Street Journal states that the famous video application TikTok is examining an advanced feature which will help video makers to add additional links regarding eCommerce benefits.

The advanced feature initiators believe that this step would contribute a surplus amount of revenue apart from advertising. Presently, this fresh additional element is brought into availability for only few chief creators. Whilst this feature is not bounded by retail, few video makers have linked to the products on Amazon.

A TikTok representative says that, experimenting new ways of adding interesting features has always been like their key motive to excel in order to improve the app experience.

TikTok hasn’t yet revealed its idea on means to collect fee neither any information on what basis the particular users were chosen for the early experimentation of the additional element.

In a hope to expand income streams by venturing into eCommerce arena, a lot many social media organisations have taken their moves. To begin with, the social media giant such as Instagram allows its customers to buy products from its feeds directly. Followingly, Pinterest has a ditto feature and also about a year ago Snapchat introduced ads concerning shopping.

Apart from having a billion users from around the globe, in America itself TikTok has been downloaded by more than 100 million times. What makes TikTok unique from other websites is that it brings to its users 15-second videos. The organisation gives a top notch competition to YouTube as well as Facebook when it comes to popularity and adding to this China’s ByteDance, the startup which launched TikTok has a worth of $75 billion.

Douyin, which is considered as TikTok’s rival already has an eCommerce facility, where makers are able to list products directly into their videos and the customers can reach out those listings and finish their transactions without even exiting from the app.

Brands like Pepsi, ShopClues, Myntra and has been signed by TikTok, earlier this year to cooperate it with advertising. The app enables its users to buy TikTok coins if they want to purchase presents for other creators though it doesn’t charge fees for video effects or filters.


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